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Nevers’ Second Regiment Band is the Capitol City’s professional community band, dedicated to bringing an annual series of summer concerts to the greater Concord area and throughout the state.  Its compound name derives from its military affiliation with the Second Regiment of the New Hampshire National Guard in the late 1800’s and direction for more than half a century by Claremont cornetist, Arthur Nevers.  The band also has links to the Civil War Band of 1861 that accompanied the Third New Hampshire Regiment to Hilton Head, South Carolina. Throughout its years of service, Nevers’ Band has remained a professional civilian community band, but its military origins have always flavored its history and traditions.


Nevers’ Band Concerts are an exciting and fun experience for the whole family!  Our diverse repertoire includes popular numbers, patriotic music, classic orchestral transcriptions, music from motion pictures and more!  At any given concert you may hear anything from the 1812 Overture to the music of the Beatles.  This year we plan to feature more soloists throughout the season, showcasing some of the wonderful talent found within our ranks!


Nevers’ Band plays nearly twenty concerts with corresponding rehearsals each season. It is no easy task to keep such a full summer schedule, yet each year, our members show musical excellence and dedication beyond compare! Over the past few seasons, the group has continued to modernize while honoring our roots as a military band.  Our concerts regularly feature a full-sized band of approximately 40 highly talented musicians.  We are considered a professional community band and over the years have included a wide range of members from doctors and lawyers to composers, music educators and students.


In past years we covered the state with music performances as far away as the Hampton Beach Bandshell and Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site in Cornish.  This year our schedule is just as exciting and as always, we hope you will join us!

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Our Board

Kevin Swift – Director
Tom Cusano - Business Manager
George West - Treasurer
Karie Swift - Secretary
Alan McGlashan - Librarian
Jiffi Rainie - At Large
Deborah Giles Lincoln- At Large

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