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For general questions about the band please email us at


For booking information contact our Business Manager,

Tom Cusano


Nevers Band is a private, non-profit that accepts tax deductible donations. To make a donation to Nevers Band you can use the Donate button on this site or contact us by email address above and we will send you instructions to make your donate by check. You can donate to the general band or give specific restrictions on how your donation is to be used (e.g. music, instruments, uniforms, advertising, Paul T Giles Fund, etc.)



The Paul T. Giles Music Fund is awarded to a current or prospective member of Nevers’ Band in order to encourage musical study or training that will promote the concept of concert band music. For further information contact the Nevers’ Band at (603) 642-6623 or email to You can use the Donation button on this page to donate to this fund if you add such information in the comments section on the donation page.


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